The status of the operation.

Description of fields

The field The value Description
InternalError -1 An internal error has occurred.
Success 0 The operation is completed successfully.
NotExecuted 10 The operation has not been completed.
InvalidArgument 12 Wrong argument.
InvalidParamSign 13 Wrong signature parameter.
NotAuthenticated 20 Authentication failed.
NotAuthorized 21 Authorisation error.
AccessDenied 22 Access denied.
PermissionDenied 23 Insufficient rights to perform the operation.
SessionNotFound 30 Session not found.
PreAuthTicketNotFound 31 Pre-authentication ticket not found.
PreAuthTicketExpired 32 The pre-authentication ticket is expired.
PreAuthTicketSessionInvalid 33 Invalid session for pre-authentication ticket.
PreAuthTicketSignatureInvalid 34 Invalid pre-authentication ticket signature.
TicketNotFound 35 Ticket not found.
TicketExpired 36 The ticket is expired.
TicketFlagsMismatch 37 Flag ticket mismatch.
RealmUrlDeleted 40 URL has been deleted.
UrlNotFound 41 URL not found.
UrlAlreadyExists 42 This URL already exists.
UrlNotTrusted 43 The ULR is not trusted
RealmNotAcceptAuthType 50 Realm does not accept this authentication method.
RealmNotAcceptUser 51 Realm does not accept the user
RealmNotFound 52 Realm not found.
RealmAlreadyTrusted 53 The trust relations is already set.
RealmSimilarNameExists 54 Realm with a similar name already exists.
IPAddressBlocked 60 The IP address is blocked.
IPAddressMismatch 61 The IP addresses do not match.
SessionIPAddressMismatch 62 The session`s IP address and the current user`s IP address do not match.
InvalidUser 70 Invalid user.
UserLock 71 The user has been blocked.
UserOffline 72 The user is offline.
SecurityKeyInvalid 90 Invalid security key.
SecurityCardLocked 91 The security card is blocked.
SecurityCardNotFound 92 Security card was not found.
OperationConfirmatoinRequired 100 The confirmation is required. See
FalseRole 110 Invalid role.