Trust Relations

Trust is a site policy regarding authorization tickets, provided to other sites registered in WebMoney Login service.

Trust can be of two types: single- or double-sided.

One-way Trust

Let's consider an example. There are two sites: "A" and "B". Site "A" trusts site "B". The user was authorized on site "B" and started working at this site. It then became necessary for user to get into the personal section on site "A". Here there is no need to pass authorization again for another site. It is enough for site "A" to transfer user authorization ticket, since site "A" trusts site "B". It is recommended to carry out such redirection via protected channel (for example, https). However if the user worked on a site "A" and then needs to get access at site "B", requiring user authorization, he should be authorized directly on a site "B".

Mututal (two-way) Trust

Mututal Trust is two one-way trusts, i.e. site "A" trusts site "B" and site "B" trusts site "A".


Under no circumstances does Trust influence tickets validity period for various sites. For example, site "A" tickets life time is 20 minutes, while site "B" is 10 minutes only. Transition from "A" to "B" can take place within 20 minutes, from the moment of last access to authorization ticket , while transition from "B" to "A" within 10 minutes only.

If user access is blocked for site "A" it means both authorization ticket blocks for this site and site "B" using this ticket as well.